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We offer active vacations for women of all ages.

"Indian eco trek" designs and organizes vacations all over the Uttarakhand and Ladkh for women who want to experience an active, out of the ordinary vacation, and meet new friends. Most of all we want our trips to be fun! In this spirit, the successful adventure traveler should be a good-natured realist and have a sense of humor! Adventure vacations, by nature, require that participants be self-sufficient, flexible, and able to accept situations as they exist, and not just as they would have preferred or expected them to exist. The constraints of scheduled group traveling also necessitate that each of us be understanding of and sensitive to others. Being on time is important, and contributes to the congeniality, success and well being of both individuals and the group! We offer village treks - where you will stay in a small lodge, guesthouse or village house - and camping treks.

Every girl deserves a chance to reach her full potential. Girls need opportunities to develop the skills and confidence they need in order to positively impact their own lives and those of others'.

At Women's Wilderness, we celebrate the unique strengths and learning styles of girls and women, and are dedicated to building strong girls and women with the skills to make our world a better place.

The Girls' Wilderness Program uses the challenge of wilderness experience to help girls discover the power of their own voices and build the personal and interpersonal skills to successfully navigate the challenges of their lives. Girls learn to take risks, to trust, and to be trustworthy.

Our Women's Program features a variety of courses meant to offer challenge at a comfortable, incremental trajectory; courses build by progression. Ladies can learn new skills in a comfortable environment amongst capable female instructors and alongside the company of other great women.

Our Female guides are well trained, female yoga teachers teach yoga. Make your adventure pampering and relaxing with this program if it address your needs. Our female guides and local guide make wonderful companions, especially for women trekking alone.

Safety : Safety is given utmost priority on our trips and we are proud of our safety standards. Our strict safety code of conduct, the state-of-the-art equipment and our qualified Lady instructors ensure and maintain that our impeccable safety record.

The "Indian eco trek" adventure is performing a 'community service' oriented role in promoting Adventures Activities, as growth oriented and positive activity among the youth. Promoting adventure sports among the youth of country and build their personality and character by infusing in them a sense of discipline and national pride.

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