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Ms. Mamta Mahra

Mamta is founder of Indian eco trek. Mamta is a trekking,camping expert about 10 years of rich experience in this field. She has done her Masters degree in Tourism and Finance Management. Done basic and advance mountaineering course,High altitude mountain guide course from NIM Uttarakashi.Basic Search and Recsue course qulified.Work as a constant in village home stay project under ULIPH Ajjivika .Done many trek in Uttarakhand ,Sikkim and Lakdkh Himlaya.Paticipate in many expedition like Mt Gulap Kangri(6025m),Mt Kostwar,Mt Sudersan ,Mt Telu etc. she handles the operations on the ground level herself during the treks and camping.

Mr. Ajay C. (Program coordinator)

Program coordinator of indian eco trek and working hard to make it popular among adventure and outdoor seekers.Hold master Degre in yoga.He has done his Basic & Advance Mountaineering course,Search and rescue from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and holds WFR certification from NOLS . Experienced for trekking and climbing in Uttarakhand.

Ms. Mamta J

A adventurer from Uttarakhand always hungry for peaks and trails. Very good guidence and honest character. Basic and advence mountaneering Qualified from JIM and WS Phelgoun She has participated in many treks, camps, and training programs. She look our woman trek and camping in Kamoun region.

Ms. Kavita Negi

Played major role in designing and handling of Program in Indian eco trek . She has done extensive climbing and trekking in Himalayas. Participate woman NCC Pre Everest in 2004. With successful expeditions, several high altitude treks in the Uttar aakhand nd Himanchal Himalayas .

Mr. Manohar Bisht

Basic and advance Mountaineering course From HMI Darjiling.Basci Search and Rescue Qulified .He knows almost all terrain of the Indian Himalayas which makes him one of the experienced trek leaders in India. He is a very decent trip leader with maximum degree of ethics and principles. He is devoted to his work and always tries his best to make people coming to Indain eco trek Happy.

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