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To provide participants healthy, adventures ,outdoor and recreational and stimulate and satisfy their quest for adventure and exploration, love of nature and of the country side.

The awesome and serene snow-bound Himalayas are one of nature's most beautiful gifts to mankind and offers some of the challenging adventure trekking options in India. While visiting these majestic mountains, one must make sure to respect local traditions and culture, help maintain local harmony and protect the natural environment.

We run Village Home Stay round The Year , for people who want to experience life in rural India and the foothills of the Himalayas. Activities involve teaching at a local school, faming and construction. Tourists/Volunteers are able to live with the family and learn about our culture with enjoying the nature. Tourists are also introduced with the religious aspect of the local community and they are provided our pahari food also. promotion of community based village tourism, tourist will get an opportunity staying in village & to know about the culture, food habit & other traditions of hill community. The village Self Help Group (SHG) has been specially trained to host the guests in line with the modern hospitality principle. To promote Community based Eco-Tourism for rural development. The village Self Help Group (SHG) has been specially trained to host the guests in line with the modern hospitality principle.

Eco Village Tours

Our eco village tours are blessed by natural beauty, rich culture and hospitality. Here, guests are considered as gods. Eco Village tours in remote and high altitude provides opportunity to understand rich customs and high cultural values of Himalayan communities. You will meet the villagers who are eager to greet you. The tours are voyage of snow roofed hamlets, natural springs, vibrant rivers, deep and dark forests, lush green meadows, flora and fauna. You will be surrounded by whistling foot tracks, whispering cold winds and singing clouds.

  • To promote Community based Eco-Tourism for rural development.
  • Upliftment of rural people by training them for local Guide, Mountain Chef, Hospitality and Services and Adventure activities.
  • It has employed the local youths as guides and local support.
  • To stop migration of Villagers to cities by creating local employment opportunities. Main beneficiaries of Our project will be villagers.
  • To promote equality, fraternity , liberty, spirituality, amity and unity in the society.

An opportunity for education

There are opportunities for national and international visitors to study various subjects relating to culture, architecture and organic farming, and all can experience and learn about fieldwork.

Opportunity for cultural exchange

There are many chances for visitors to interact with the local community, and also to talk about their own culture, so there is a learning experience for everyone. Activities.


  • Stay in Traditional Kumauni house.
  • Visit to watermill
  • Exposure to organic Farming Experience the local culture
  • Visit local religious place ,caves, temple
  • Enjoy Festival
  • Enjoy adventure activities
    • Traditional welcome on arrival
    • Organic food
      • Visit to village school
      • Cultural programmes (folk dance)
      • Hands on experience of village life through involvement in various activities like milking the cow, working in the field, making compost, etc.
      • Soft treks to the jungle
    • Yoga and Meditation.

Water mills
The eco friendly water mills could easily generate enough power for a village unit.Water mills popularly known as 'Gharats' have been playing a vital role in the day to day life of people of Village for the last several decades although in recent times. These water mills or Gharats are of the vertical shaft type, evolved over thousands of years and are used essentially for grinding wheat, rice and maize and also to extract oil.

Micro hydro power
Hydroelectricity systems generate electricity from running water - usually a small stream. Small or "micro" hydroelectricity systems can produce enough electricity for lighting and electrical appliances in an average home. Hydroelectricity systems are also called hydro power systems or just hydro systems.

The "Indian eco trek" adventure is performing a 'community service' oriented role in promoting Adventures Activities, as growth oriented and positive activity among the youth. Promoting adventure sports among the youth of country and build their personality and character by infusing in them a sense of discipline and national pride.

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