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To provide participants healthy, adventures ,outdoor and recreational and stimulate and satisfy their quest for adventure and exploration, love of nature and of the country side.

At Indian Hills we understand sending your child to camp is an exciting time for all! Our goal is to make your child's camp experience as memorable as possible. Below is information that will help as you plan for their stay with us.


The Director and full time staff are environmental education professionals who, along with our summer staff, encourage and facilitate discovery and exploration through hands-on experiences. Our program sites are distributed throughout the Preserve, for an enhanced small group participation.
We have Camps in April, May and June with camps to exciting destinations like Manali, Rishikesh, Nainital,Mukteshwar,Ranikhet ,Jim Corbett and lots more.

Purpose Of summer camp
Personal Development through Experiential Learning. Virtually all activities in the course will provide each participant the opportunity to have a better understanding about his personal strengths and weaknesses and to develop his skills in different areas.

Fun and learning
Our trips are a combination of fun and learning. Besides adventure activities, we also stress on educating students about the flora and fauna of the area, the local population, about the environment etc thereby giving them a comprehensive outdoor experience

Teamwork and leadership
The camp is divided into different groups depending on the amount of participate attending. After acquiring the specific skills to complete different tasks, teams are set out to complete different tasks, building bridges and lookout towers, etc. To complete tasks a team must work together. The importance and fundamentals of leadership is touched and for teams to compete, sound leadership is needed. Teams get changed so that students must work together, regardless of team members and team member choice. Every student will get the chance to lead a team in different events and activities, to teach leadership skills to all.

Motivation and Determination
Motivation and determination is taught through different tasks such as rope courses and orienteering. Apart from the skills needed to complete tasks successfully they will be motivated to complete difficult tasks. Although a team will be a winner, all students will be winners in the completion of rope courses and major activities, through determination and completing tasks. This is of crucial importance, as we want to develop self-respect and a sound self-image in students.

Problem-solving and life skills
There will be hurdles and obstacles to overcome throughout the camp and the necessary skills will be taught to overcome these problems through the different activities that will be offered. To prioritise in decision-making and to accept the consequences of your decisions and actions are emphasized.
IET has been creating outdoor learning camps for children that help them in their self growth. Our camps are a place for children to learn, celebrate, connect with themselves, each other and nature.

Gear and safety standards
We very well understand our responsibility while working with children, we use the best imported gear used for adventure activities and follow strict safety standards. Although no adventure activity or outdoor experience is completely risk free but we make sure that everything from our end is as tight and safe as it could be.
Transportation form Delhi to Delhi And Kathgodam to Kathgodam

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