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To provide participants healthy, adventures ,outdoor and recreational and stimulate and satisfy their quest for adventure and exploration, love of nature and of the country side.

Young Boys and Girls need besides Academic Education an exposure to such Activities as may prepare them emotionally, temperamentally, attitudinally and behaviorally to cope with life and develop in them the Leadership Qualities and Character Traits.

Purpose Of camping and Trekking

  • Experienced facilitators will conduct all activities and the children will be engaged in supervised activities from morning to evening.
  • we offers a safe environment for the student to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Our aim to offer a personalized experience and safe, controlled yet fun activities to ensure a memorable stay for each visitor.
  • We take care of the student from the moment they arrive in school until they board the bus to return.
  • Schools need to provide at least 1 supervisor per 24 learners to assist with our programme as well as transport to and from camp.
  • The student will experience a time of fun in the outdoors within a caring environment, with facilitators who are passionate about child development.

The Adventure Course consisting of a series of activities including aid climbing, rappelling, outdoor camping, rope courses, mind games and raft building (for seniors only) form the basis of the course. The program is based in and around the School premises using the specialist facilities, school buildings, swimming pool and the school grounds.

  • Rock Climbing, Rappelling.
  • Nature walks for Bird Watching.
  • Moon light walk.
  • Day hikes / Village walks.
  • Indoor & Outdoor adventure activities.
  • Know you Flora & Fauna.
  • Night out.
  • Self cooking.
  • Yoga and Meditation.
  • Statutory Botany and Zoological tours.
  • Horse Riding (Short & Long Trips).
  • Mountain Biking.

Personal Development through Experiential Learning. Virtually all activities in the course will provide each participant the opportunity to have a better understanding about his personal strengths and weaknesses and to develop his skills in different areas.

We have gone to a great length to ensure that we are truly eco-friendly at our resorts, to ensure the beauty of nature continues today and for the generations to come. We take special interest in teaching the students about Eco Tourism. We pay special emphasis of the importance of preserving the ecology and teach students different things they can adopt insure the same. At our Camps, Students inherit love & care for nature and respect for environment while developing a sense of preservation of nature.

Major Activities
Adventure sports include White Water River Rafting, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Water and Snow Skiing, Kayaking, Trekking, River Crossing and Jungle Safari, Slithering Para Sailing, Para Gliding ,Cliff-Jumping, Water Surfing, Trampoline and Artificial Rock Climbing.

Group Handling
We maintain a high instructor to student ratio 1:8 our large, experienced and professional outdoor team is there when the group is looking and but always in the background. Our outdoor has an average experience of 08 year the student handling which the who's who' o the Indian Economy and Diplomat Community in India.

World Class Safety Gear And Equipment
At Indian eco trek we use the best available equipment that meets international standards. All equipment including sleeping bags, backpacks and protective gear is from reputed international brands. All outdoor gear is UIAA standards compliant.

Safety at the camp
All Camps are located keeping safety as the primary objective. The camps are away from the main roads, the threat of wildlife is non-existent and the participants are under constant supervision of the camp staff.

  • Weatherproof tents for a safe and comfortable stay at all times.Tents are made of thick canvas material, which does not catch fire easily.
  • Fire extinguishers and sand buckets are kept at various locations in the properties.
  • Resident doctor on call.
  • Standby vehicle for emergencies.
  • Access to nearby hospital.

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