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To provide participants healthy, adventures ,outdoor and recreational and stimulate and satisfy their quest for adventure and exploration, love of nature and of the country side.

Karmi is an enchanting village, far from the crowd and pollution. Here, the life is full of prosperous kumayuni culture. Karmi is perfect blend of local religious customs, ancient traditions and architectural wonder e.g. Ancient temples, prehistoric paintings and charming hamlets surrounded by green terraces. Entire area is bounded by the number of mesmerizing tracks amazing snow covered mountains lead down to waterfalls and terrace farming. Truly, Karmi means rendezvous with Nature. Places to Visit

Majhuva Top is an amazing mini Alpine Meadow (Bugyal) on the alleviation of 12,000 feet. You can see the incredible views of yawning lush valleys and silent snowy mountains. Majhuva top has wide slops which are suitable for skiing.

Dabur Nursery is owned by the 'Dabur Company'. It is renowned for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAP). MAPs are abundantly available at this high altitude place. Guests are always welcomed by the employees of this company. They are well known for their warm hospitality.


  • Hygienic, feel at home ambiance culture
  • 16 Rooms in traditional Kumayooni dwellings
  • Attached with lavatories communities
  • Visits to watermills, micro hydro projects & Cordial room services
  • Sarva Dharma Samabhav (Pagodas for worship)
  • Organic meal from backyard kitchen garden
  • Female guides


  • Exposure to prosperous Himalayan
  • Superb adventures
  • Memorable celebration with local
  • MAP area
  • Enchanting days with flora & fauna
  • Magic vistas
  • Yoga and meditation

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