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To provide participants healthy, adventures ,outdoor and recreational and stimulate and satisfy their quest for adventure and exploration, love of nature and of the country side.

Divine protection Kumaon villagers discover that gods are the best forest guards. Dharamgarh in the Kumaon area of Uttaranchal has a long tradition of people's management of forests. There are extensive terraced green fields on the hill slopes. There are patches of beautiful dense oak forests near about Dharamghar. Come spring these oak forests don delicate soft new leaves shedding the old ones. In between oaks are rhododendron trees which when flower in summers adds beauty to the ambient. The entire drive is indeed a treat to the nature lovers.

Halti Village

Halti(3km trek): A Village and Nature Tourism Programme run by the community in Halti Village, close to Kamridevi offers, to the discerning traveler the opportunity to experience staying in a local home,Tents and sharing a few days with mountain folks and partaking of traditional food with them..offers breathtaking views of Nanda Devi & Trishul,Nanda Bhanr ,Panchachuli peaks of Himalayas. , 3km from Kamridevi.

What to do see

Mrig Vihar (Deer Park): (5 Kms trek) A small musk Deer park. situated along the route of Kotmania Dharamghar, organized by the Indian Government department of Ayurvedic treatment for research.

Fadinag Temple (2 Kms. Trek)

The blessed holy place & ancient divine temple of Lord Fadinag, Avatar of Sheshnaga, Sheshanaga has a thousand heads swinging to and fro over the form of Lord Vishnu, creating a shelter and couch for the Lord.). As saying there are only 2 temples of Lord Vishnu in India, One is in Badrinath & another is in Fadinag.

Bhadarkali Temple : (3 hours trek or 30 kms. by road)

The ancient temple of Godess Bhadarakali, The temple situated in a serene & sanctified location, There is also an incredible waterfall falling over a mysterious cave. Less known but miraculous destination.

Dwari village:

Unexplored, untouched ,overlooking the snow –clad peaks on one side and offering a magnificent view of the valley on the other offering a magnificent view of the valley.

Shikher Temple(3km)

Named after the god Mol Narayan.Shikher Temple is located at the Shikher Mountain.This place almost 2700m height from where nanda devi,panchachuli and other series of Himalyas can be seen.its is 3 km from Dwari village.

Lakshmi Ashram (Sarla Ashram)

This place is a center run by women who do social service. Gandhiji's disciple, Sarala Behen spent her life here doing social service. This ashram is located in a solitary area in a dense jungle.


15 kms away from Dawri and is well known for the majestic view shining against the sky making the horizon as seen from chaukori. The glory of the snow crowned Himalayan range reaches its pinnacle when the sunrays turn them into crimson and gold. it gives the view of the Himalayan peaks from chaukori.

Patal Bhuvaneshwar

One of the most fascinating places of the Kumaon region, is a limestone cave temple 50 km from Dawri.

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